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Student Visa Lawyers

Getting a student visa to the United States opens the doorway to some of to the finest learning institutions in the world. Unfortunately, the student visa application process can be somewhat tricky to navigate, even if you are familiar with the English language.

A good student visa lawyer is on your side. He or she can advise you on application strategy, help you prepare for your application interview, and if necessary represent you in court to make sure that your request for a student visa gets fair consideration.

Getting a Student Visa

If this is your first student visa application, you will be required to appear at an interview at the US embassy or consulate in your home country. Requests for interviews are at their peak during June through August, so you will want to plan accordingly. Embassies and consulates are generally able to issue student visas within 120 days of the start date listed.

In general, eligibility for an F visa or an M visa requires meeting the following criteria:

  • Enrolled as Full Time Student
  • English Proficiency (or proof of progress toward proficiency)
  • Proof of Tuition and Support Funds
  • Maintain a Residence Outside the US

Some embassies may have more stringent requirements for student visa applications. An experienced student visa lawyer can be of invaluable assistance in finding out the exact requirements you will need to meet before receiving a student visa.

Student Visa Legal Concerns

Student visas are regulated by a complex set of rules that are subject to frequent revision. As such, navigating through the red tape and paperwork can be a frustrating experience. Call the law offices of XXX and put the legal minds of XXX on your side.

At XXX, we are highly experienced immigration attorneys who have a comprehensive understanding of immigration law, including issues associated with student visas. We can help you or a family member clear the way for study at a public or private American university. If you are applying for a student visa, and have family, we can assist you in getting visas for your family. Our student visa lawyers can also help obtain J visas for exchange students.

If you are finishing up your studies in the United States, the skilled student visa attorneys at XXX may be able to help you extend your stay in America or even obtain the legal right to live and work in the United States.

Call today and discuss your student visa issues with an experienced YYY student visa attorney. We can help you or a family member study in the United States and prepare for a bright future.

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