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Consular Processing Lawyers

Normally, the official road to United States citizenship begins in the States. However, you may initiate the process at any United States Embassy around the world. In the past, consular processing was the only way to legally immigrate to the United States.

Consular Processing: the Road to a Visa

The road to a visa begins abroad with an application for a visa number. This is requested at an American Embassy with form I-864. After you complete a visa application, the embassy sends it and your income tax records to the National Visa Center in America. When a visa number becomes available, the center requests payment for processing the applications for a visa number.

Once you have a visa number, your journey is not finished. Instead, you fill out a two-part application form, the DS-230. The first part of the DS-230 requires you to fill out a short biography detailing your education, jobs held, and places you have lived. This application is screened by the United States Department of State.

If the State Department approves the first part of your application, you will be able to complete the second part of the DS-230 application at the embassy. The second part of the application is a sworn affidavit in which you attest that you are not attempting to enter the United States illegally, and that you are not an enemy of the United States. You may also request a Social Security number with the DS-230 Part II.

Given the number of forms required to obtain a visa by consular processing, the services of a consular processing attorney can help prevent unnecessary delays due to misunderstandings and incorrectly filed paperwork.

Unlike applications for change in status, which offer the chance for an appeal, consular processing is not generally subject to review. Our experience with immigration law will insure that your application is not disqualified by mistakes and other avoidable issues.

Please contact the law offices of XXX. We are consular lawyers who want to help you become the newest citizen of the United States of America.

Call today and discuss your case with an experienced YYY consular processing attorney.

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