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Non-Immigrant Visa Attorneys

Non-immigrant visa is a term which covers a broad range of documents which allow foreign citizens to reside in the United States in order to pursue a specific task or goal.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services divides non-immigrant visas into categories based on the reason for temporary residence in the United States. The classifications outlined below are some of the most common non-immigrant visas:

  • The B-series non-immigrant visas, which are issued to travelers and business people
  • The F-series visas, issued to students attending school in the United States
  • The H-series non-immigrant visas, which are issued to temporary workers
  • K-series visas, which allow the fiancées or spouses of United States citizens to live in America.

Getting a Non-Immigrant Visa

Each classification of non-immigrant visa has its own requirements. While the application process is meant to be as straight-forward as possible, the sheer size and complexity of the visa system can be intimidating. An experienced non-immigrant visa attorney can guide you confidently through the application process.

The procedures that govern the visa application system depend on very specific paperwork filed in a very specific way. Mistakes and misfiling can cost the applicant valuable time while the application system digests his or her information. An immigration lawyer can help you sort through the necessary paperwork and file with the correct agencies that handle your specific type of non-immigrant visa.

Non-Immigrant Visas and US Citizenship

For those with a non-immigrant visa, becoming a permanent resident of the United States can be a complicated procedure. The rules for changing immigration status are complex, and vary according to the non-immigrant visa classification. A non-immigrant lawyer can be an invaluable aid to making a smooth transition from immigrant to citizen.

Are you seeking a non-immigrant visa to study, travel or work in the United States? Please contact the law offices of XXX. One of our non-immigrant visa attorneys can help you file the necessary forms and avoid costly delays. Do you want to change your immigration status? Call today, and discuss your case with a non-immigrant visa attorney.

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