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Permanent Labor Certification Lawyers

A permanent labor certification allows a foreign worker to be permanently employed in the United States. The certification is issued by the United States Department of Labor and allows the employer to petition on behalf of potential employees to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Before granting the permanent labor certification, the Department of Labor analyzes the impact of hiring non-citizen workers for jobs in the United States. This analysis is performed by the Employment and Training Administration (ETA), which must affirm that no citizen workers are qualified, willing and able to take the job in question. The ETA also ensures that the wages of US workers employed at similar jobs are not affected.

Permanent Labor Certification Paperwork

Employers seeking a permanent labor certification on behalf of a foreign worker must provide a list of information about the job, including occupation codes, prevailing wage information and recruitment verification. An employer must provide a complete resume on behalf of the employee.

In addition, the employer will fill out two forms, one for the Department of Labor, and the other for the USCIS. Employers submit Form 9089 Application for Permanent Employment Certification to the ETA at the Department of Labor. If the 9089 application is approved, the completed form is attached to a Form I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, and sent to the USCIS.

The Permanent Labor Certification Process: Pre-Filing

Before filing a Form 9089 with the Department of Labor, there are a few pre-filing steps that an employer needs to complete:

  1. You must consult with your state workforce agency to determine the prevailing wage for the job. In order to protect the interests of US workers, the ETA relies n the state agencies for prevailing wage information.
  2. Most employers will also have to document their recruitment procedures. An experienced permanent labor certification lawyer can assist employers in assembling their documentation for Department of Labor approval.

Permanent Labor Certification Lawyers

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